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Tucson, Arizona Travel Guide

Arizona Travel Guide

If you haven’t been to Arizona then you have missed a lot of adventures and quite a number of beautiful sunsets, not to mention the famous tourist attraction of the Grand Canyon. Arizona is a place of diverse and delightful landscape that is waiting to be explored and traveled.  What are you waiting for? Pick out a travel guide to Arizona and start your grandest trip of your life.

Southern Arizona, especially in Tucson, is considered as the most romantic region on the state home to stately saguaros, scenic preserves and amazing destinations. The Sonoran Desert is one spectacular tourist spot covered by cacti leading to rolling grasslands, streams and mountain ranges.

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Travel Guide: Places to Visit in Tucson Arizona

  • Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

It’s a natural museum stretching out over 21 acres. It is home to wild animals, flowers, cacti and hiking trails. Minerals, insects and reptiles are also included in the exhibit.

  • Reid Park Zoo

Home to white rhinos, elephants, giraffes, bears, anteaters, jaguars, ostriches and a number of birds, this place is a must visit for families.

  • Old Tucson Studios

An active movie set and theme park. It also has a restaurant, saloon hall, train ride, antique, car rides and carousel. Old Tucson Studios is open year round.

  • Prima Air and Space Museum

The place attracts aircraft enthusiasts because of its exhibit, which is composed of planes from World War 2, B-26 Marauders, helicopters, a restoration center and military uniforms.

  • Tucson Botanical Gardens

This garden houses assorted flowers and herbs along a walking path. Not only that, it also has a gift ship café and a gallery for flower art.

  • Tohono Chul Park

This is a park with a combination of flora, fauna and southwest culture. Gift shops, restaurants and hiking trails make this area one of Tucson’s most visited leisure destinations.

Other places to visit found in an Arizona travel guide

If you look at the travel guide, you’ll find more places that you can visit while staying at an Arizona vacation rental, other than the ones stated above. Below are more places you can visit to add to your list.

  • Tumamoc Hill
  • Arizona State Museum
  • Sentinel Peak
  • University of Arizona Museum of Art
  • Cathedral of Saint Augustine
  • El Tiradito
  • Pusch Ridge
  • Mission San Xavier de Bac
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Rialto Theater
  • Tucson Convention Center
  • Fox Tucson Theater
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory
  • El Con Mall

Using a Travel Guide

Wherever you want to travel, it pays to know the specific locations or areas you want to visit so you won’t waste time. Plan ahead of time and list the places you want to go to by making use of a travel guide. You can also sign up for package tours, which your vacation rental Arizona can arrange for you.

Mouthwatering Delight at a Luxury Vacation Rental Arizona

One fine thing about going on a vacation in another place is the delightful way it excites our palate with food and delicacies. When you are in a luxury vacation rental Arizona, these succulent and mouthwatering pleasure is not hard to come by especially with great chefs willing to serve it on a golden platter.

Chefs in Tucson Arizona are amazingly gifted with expert hands that can concoct a delectable dish with the varied ingredients provided. You can just name your favorite fruits and vegetables and they will surely cook you one of the best meal you that you have never tasted before. All you have to do is sit back, relax, savor and indulge your appetite for once in your life

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5600 Vacation Rental Arizona – One of Pure Blissful Stay

Arizona is a beautiful place with so many things you can do, it is no doubt anyone or any family will enjoy a few days vacation. When it comes to accommodation, there is one vacation rental Arizona that stood out among its kinds – 5600 Vacation Rental Arizona.

It is an elegant vacation rental near nature but not so far away from the center of festivities. Its suites are exquisite with a certain unique feel in each of rooms owed by its luxurious embellishments in its furnishings.

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What To Do In A Long Hour Tour Drive

Arizona: The Perfect Road for a Tour Drive

arizona vacation rental homes

No doubt about it, Arizona has one of the best noteworthy roads, byways and historic loops that are perfect for a tour drive. You can do a scenic drive from Route 66 to Oak Creek Canyon to the Apache Trail Historic Road to give you the best long hour tour drive in Arizona.

Taking this road trip can expose you to wobbly and rocky climbs, steep cliffs and turns, so make sure you brace yourself for such ordeals and brave these adventurous drives. Don’t fret because you won’t probably mind this dizzying tour drive when you see the sprawling expanse of nature and picturesque views.

Now, seeing that you’ll have to suffer the most enjoyable ride of your lifetime, it’s no great effort to actually come up of things to do while in a long hour tour drive. Nevertheless, listed below are things you can do while on the scenic roads of Arizona.

Plan your tour drive

With the help of your tour guide, whether a staff from among the Arizona vacation rental homes you and your friends are staying or some recommended local, first you need to have a plan set such as where to start and the places you want to go. Also, don’t forget to bring a map.

Bring pack lunches and snacks

You will never know what will happen before you arrive at any diner, so make sure you bring enough pack lunches to ease hunger pangs while on the road. Heaven forbid, you get stranded at some deserted place and it will be a while before someone can help you.

Take pictures while on a tour drive

It is safe to say that taking pictures has been a protocol for most tourists. It is the only way to vividly relive the exciting events and to capture breathtaking sights. Beside, why else would you take the tour other than to see the view and immortalize the beauty of your travel? A tour drive is meant to help you see and marvel at the magnificence of the place.

Listen to your tour guide

Whatever happens, your tour guide is still the best person you have while on tour. He or she knows what is appropriate or not, which way to go and which places are not open for tourists for safety reasons. So while on tour, listen to your tour guide and be cautious of the things that you should not do. This way, all of you can enjoy the tour drive without any mishaps.

Do quick unplanned stopovers

Request for quick stopovers, even when it’s unplanned. Sometimes there are places that are not on the list of top spots but are equally breathtaking. Tours follow a plan but occasionally, if it does not compromise safety, you can veer a little bit away from your strict plan and do something spontaneous.

A long hour tour drive gives tourists the best way to explore several places in a relaxed and convenient manner as opposed to hiking. Knowing what to do while on a tour will help you maximize your time so you can enjoy your stay in Arizona one hundred and one percent.


Vacation Rentals in Arizona

5600 – The Best among the vacation rentals in Arizona

vacation rentals in Arizona

What awaits us after months of hard work and backbreaking, mentally draining career life? Well, that would be a month-long or week-long vacation where you can unwind, detoxify, de-stress and whatever you call those that take you away from thinking of work and all the worries that come with it.

If you are in need of a vacation, you come to the right place as 5600 vacation rental offers you the best among the vacation rentals in Arizona that will leave you in a relaxed state in the whole duration of your stay. What makes 5600 the best? Other than it is a luxury beyond measure with top-quality services personalized to each and every guest, well the vacation rental will give you the most memorable vacation you’ll ever have. (more…)

How to Find the Best Vacation Rental in Arizona

vacation rental in Arizona

What are you looking for in a vacation rental in Arizona? We all know that Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon and ultimate outdoor excursions. But what specific amenities, facilities or services do you want to get when you are in a vacation?

There are plenty of ways to find the best vacation rentals whether in Arizona or somewhere else across the country. One of the trending offerings of these vacation rentals is its hotel-like experience with regards to providing services to guests or renters. (more…)

Arizona vacation rentals

5600 Tucson Arizona – Great Adventure Getaway

Staying holed up in an office or in a house can take a toll in anybody’s health. Believe me, there is scientific evidence on that. So, it is important that you spend more time for yourself to detoxify and unwind.

When it comes to vacation, I never settle for staying at a hotel, swimming on the pool or just plain chillin’. You see, I can do that at home or a nearby hotel. If I have to choose a destination, I’d choose something that can give me a remarkable and unforgettable experience. I would choose adventure over idle relaxation, which 5600 Tucson Arizona vacation rental provides muy perfecto! (more…)

Planning a Family Getaway

5600 Tucson Arizona

Happy memories are what a family getaway helps create, strengthening the bond as well as get the family away from the mundane daily routine.

When looking for the perfect place for a family vacation, it is important to determine the how the family wants to spend their vacation. Do the kids want to play outdoors or they simply want to take a dip in the sea? As long as there is a place and activities for the kids and teens, then it does not really matter where right?

Well, it does. Give your kids something to remember, which means the place should be special. However, it doesn’t have to cost the family an arm and a leg to enjoy one unforgettable vacation.

Impeccable Family Getaway Experience

Surprisingly, there is no need to debate whether it’s the beach or some beautiful culture-rich destination because there is one place that the family can get both – a semblance of the beach and exciting outdoor adventures.

5600 Tucson Arizona is the perfect definition of fun and luxury in one. The family can enjoy the warmth of Tucson while relaxing about the great accommodation the vacation rental provides. High-class facilities such as private pool (beach-like experience), spa, state-of-the-art entertainment system and would you believe they offer high speed Wi-Fi.

Arizona vacation Rentals

The family vacation rental also provides the most fabulous mountain and city tours. In addition, if it’s privacy you want, like an exclusive family getaway, 5600 Tucson Arizona with its gardens and large trees is hidden away and is not visible from the road. This gives you a private moment with your family free from the intrusion of cars, neighboring homes and other noise you find in town or the city.

Family Getaway Travel Tips

Prepare a packing list

Think of all the items under each category better yet make a list while you are at it. It’s best to be prepared while on a family getaway.

–          Important documents

–          Personal items and hygiene

–          Clothing and accessories

–          Medications and health (cold medicines, bandages etc.)

–          Gadgets (camera, cellphones etc.)

–          Plane necessities (travel blanket, earplugs etc.)

–          Car necessities (keys, driving directions etc.)

–          Family necessities (nursing pads, birth certificate etc.)

Book a safe and legal vacation rental

It is imperative that you keep your family safe while travelling and most especially while on a vacation. There have been known high profile problems with private rental services that may get a little bit messy and legally dangerous. Below are travel tips to help you ensure that you booked a safe and legal vacation rental.

–          Reasonably ask for a copy or a scan of the pertinent passage in the lease that allows subletting or short-term rentals

–          Check with your travel insurance if they can offer protection during disputes

–          Have a backup plan and research some nearby affordable hotels

–          Read the listings and ask questions

Whatever plans you make regarding the place for a family getaway or the activities you intended your family to enjoy, make sure that safety is still the topmost concern on your mind, so you and your family can enjoy a seamless vacation ever.



Arizona Vacation Rentals Redefine Luxury

Arizona vacation rentals

We all know that cars, high-class restaurants, jewelries and five-star hotels are mostly on top of people’s minds when they hear the word “luxury” but Arizona vacation rentals offer a different kind of luxury – the luxury of complete privacy and adventure.

Arizona offers a world of adventures, taking vacationers and tourists to the pleasures of the outdoors while offering luxurious and comfortable stay within its vacation rentals.

What 5600 Arizona Vacation Rentals Offer

One week, one month or even a full quarter of the year, not one vacationer would complain about what 5600 Arizona vacation rentals provide in terms of topnotch amenities, breathtaking sunset views, quality service and the numerous outdoor activities that will keep people entertained all throughout their stay.

What to expect:

Endless outdoor thrills – feel the intensity of the outdoors as Arizona brings you to a completely new level of adrenaline. Enjoy horseback riding, fishing, hiking in the mountain ranges, biking, hot air ballooning, camping, skiing and more.

Private moments with family and friends – enjoy some authentic cuisine in a home-style dining in Arizona’s exclusive restaurants. Spend some private and intimate moments with your love ones or dance the night away at a music avenue. In Arizona, you can be sure to get the privacy you deserve away from the busy city life.

Fantastic place to stay and relax – get the perfect spot to spend your luxurious stay with 5600 Arizona vacation rentals and their excellent accommodations and services.

Family-friendly accommodation and recreationsimmerse in the waters of a well-built swimming pool that the whole family will surely love. Get your kids to enjoy the amusement parks, wildlife parks and museums.

Arizona vacation rentals

Experience the Luxury of Exquisite Arizona Vacation Rentals

Whether you spend most of your vacation days outdoors or stay cooped up within the comfortable confines of these Arizona vacation rentals, you can be sure that you will be getting an exquisite treatment from the staff and the people in the area. However, don’t take chances in your vacation rental selection. Choose an accommodation that will allow you to bask in the beautiful scenery and delight in the numerous exciting activities around every corner of Arizona.

There are many travel deals and tour packages available if you and your family want to make the most of your vacation while in a budget. Take your pick on preferred outdoor activities included in the package. It is best to learn about Arizona and the activities the place offers before embarking into any adventurous feat.

5600 – Bedroom Suites for Everyone

5600 guest suite

5600 isn’t a luxurious home without its four bedrooms.

If you seek for class and elegance, sleep for a night in master suite and you’ll realize life is filled with magic. This 2,000 sq. ft. room separates the area for sleeping, lounging and bathing.

5600 master bedroom

Not sleepy yet? That’s not a problem at all. Just open the double doors and the path leads you to the patio – an ideal spot to be alone or to be with your partner. See the photo below, it’s really nice, right?

5600 master bedroom patio

There are two guest suites in the house. Both are elegant, just like the master suite, all sheets and pillows are high in quality – but for those bookworms, you’ll surely prefer the first guest suite. It owns a private library area with reading desks around.

5600 guest suite

The fourth bedroom is for extended families. Your cousins can choose to sleep in a king-size bed or two twin beds as pictured.

4th Bedroom b 2

* * * *

So, don’t waste time. Experience life at its finest – book 5600!

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